Sunday, April 21, 2013

piano sketch

I just opened an old saved score, and played it.  Hmm, sounds like a nice little sketch, I should do something with that someday.  But the dynamics are broken... oh right, because it uses the old-style 'vel' control, and not the new 'dyn' one.  It also uses the old decimal notation, instead of hex, but it's still compatible.  Then I noticed what I thought was a weird graphical glitch that made the track skeleton look backwards, until I realized... oh right, no track slicing back then so it was all backwards.  I created a new track and it had a messed-up looking ruler.  I was about to make note of a new bug when I realized... oh right, this has old style overlay rulers, which are obsolete now.

It's easy to forget how much things have changed.

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