Friday, July 15, 2011

rats are ideal

When rats wash a lot there's a sort of a sweetish wet fur smell.  I like it, and it brings up all kinds of associations with late night hacking, or gaming, or whatever else, since they hang out on my lap all night grooming themselves.

This is why rats are pretty much the ideal hacking pet.  A dog smells bad and usually doesn't fit on your lap.  A cat may or may not deign to sit on your lap, and may or may not decide to claw you if it's feeling particularly content, but will certainly be shedding hair into your face and decide the keyboard is a better place to relax anyway.

Rats hang out and do their thing while you hang out and do your thing.


  1. I totally miss having rats...kind of hard to have them with the kitty, who's very much a single pet kind of pet, though. (She doesn't play nicely with others, human or animal.) Plus my rodents always freaked her out. Someday!

    I love the tooth grind/eye wiggle thing rats do.

  2. Yes, definitely someday.

    I've discovered the way to keep them on my lap is to put some old chewed up familiar smelling shirt on my lap. That puts them more in a settle down and make house mood and less in a explore the table and chew up the cables mood.

  3. Boy rats generally like hanging out in your lap and sleeping. The last one I had, though, was waaaaaaaaaaaay more active than the stereotypical male rat, though. He also liked hanging out in the window, dangling his bits out the window. Let it all hang out, I guess.